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International Conference on
“Digital transformation: A strategic approach towards Sustainable Development” (ICDTSD)- 2022


Conference aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of management, economics, education, engineering & Technology towards sustainable development.

Convene the world's experts to advance knowledge about innovative technologies and present new research findings and promote and enhance global scientific and community collaborations in synergy with other professional associations.

Environmental responsibility, economic efficiency, social solidarity, digital transformations are the avenues as well as needs of modern business sectors. The achievement of the desired sustainable development with the help of digital transformation seems to be impractical without raising good critical thinkers and skillful agents of sustainable future. The conference aims to facilitate pursuing the sustainable development through the digital transformation, innovations and modernized technologies of the related systems and structures, that will consequently support people to be active contributors to more peaceful and sustainable societies and develop a sense of responsibility for our planet.

Supplement core reading by engaging in a technical discussion.


The theme of this conference revolves around bringing management, economics, engineering and business technology research areas synchronically on an indivisible platform. This conference will draw collectively research fellowships from diverse fields in unitedness, to share their research findings and latest ideas. The main intention of this conference is to integrate interdisciplinary inquiry to deliver the best applications.

Digital transformation holds the promise of improving efficiency in varied aspects of management, education, engineering and technology. Digital transformation promises enabling innovation and reduction in the costs of a range of business processes. This conference aims to spark a lively conversation about the potential for digital technologies to boost efficiency. The conference would focus on factors that could explain and explore the role of policies in helping economies realize the efficiency benefit from digital transformation.

The conference aims at raising global and national awareness on sustainable development challenges and the crucial role of strong global partnerships and cooperation as powerful enablers of the successful achievement of all the SDGs.